Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Boston Red Sox Twice Delay Yankees from Achieving 10,000th Win

Boston Red Sox Twice Delay Yankees from Achieving 10,000th Win 

By Howard Goldin

BRONX, NEW YORK (BRONX NEWS)- Each visit of the Boston Red Sox to Yankee Stadium is an exciting occasion. Regardless of the position of either club in the American League standings, each game between the two teams is hard fought and usually lengthy in time.

When the 2013 MLB schedule was planned, no one knew what practical importance the final four games of the regular season at Yankee Stadium would have. This week, Yankee rooters hoped their favorites would defeat the Red Sox to become the first club in the American League to compile 10,000 victories in their history. They also wished that the win would clinch them a place in the playoffs, even if it was the Wild Card.

Monday and Tuesday have come and gone, but the Yankees have not achieved either of the above goals in the two games with Boston.

There were great similarities in the first two of the four game series at the Stadium. Yankee batters, as they have done repeatedly this season, scored in the first inning of both contests.
On Monday, they hit safely three times, and scored on a sacrifice fly by Alex Rodriguez. The next day’s first inning by the Yankees was even more impressive as they had four hits and scored four runs. Two of the tallies were driven in on Dusitn Ackley’s 10th home run of the season.

Unfortunately for the New Yorkers, they scored no additional runs in either game, losing by one‐sided scores of 5‐1 and 10‐4.

The Red Sox utilized home runs to ensure their victories. Ivan Nova, in Monday’s contest, yielded only two hits and blanked the Sox during the first 5.2 frames. Xander Bogaerts double with two out in the sixth and scored on a homer by first sacker Travis Shaw. The homer was sufficient for the win, but an extra two runs were scored a two‐run homer by Jackie Bradley, Jr. in the seventh. The left fielder also made outstanding defensive plays in both of the two contests. The fifth run for the visitors came on a solo home run by Deven Marrero in the ninth.

The six runs scored by the Red Sox in the first inning on Tuesday were enough to win. Home runs were again decisive in the victory. Rookie catcher Blake Swihart homer twice for five RBI, and Mookie Betts led off the fifth with a home run.

The Yankees and their fans are hoping that Wednesday’s game will be successful as Masahiro Tanaka will obtain his first start since September 18 strained right hamstring.

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