Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mustangs thinking pink

Women's volleyball will Side-out to fight breast cancer

By Gary Axelbank

The Monroe Mustangs women's volleyball team is adding the color 'pink' to the royal blue and gold of Monroe.  

In an expanded commitment to the fight against breast cancer, the Mustangs are joining the Side-out Foundation's campaign that was established to unite volleyball players and coaches in furthering breast cancer awareness, education and patient services. The Mustangs have held Think Pink nights the past two years, but with the addition of this year's coin campaign, donation letters, and adorable pink socks for sale, their commitment will be season-long.

"Every Monroe player thought it was a good idea to become part of the Side-out campaign," said Assistant coach Lakeisha Milstrey, who is spearheading the team's effort. "Certainly this will make us more unified as a team to have a common off-the-court goal. More importantly, we are going to be raising money that can have an impact. At Monroe we play to win and this is win-win-win for everyone."

Fans will get used to seeing the pink donation buckets at the games of all Mustang sports, as the team circulates the stands for donations and the sale of socks. The original monetary goal was $500, but according to the team, that's already in the rear-view mirror. They expect to do a lot more.

"There's a life lesson here," said head coach Nephtali Delgado Reyes. "We attempt to achieve beyond our expectations when we play volleyball and now we're finding out that same effort can bring results off the court, too. I'm proud of my players for doing this and hope they can continue to do their part."

Fans are urged to look out for the pink buckets at all Monroe athletics events and the Mustangs ask you to 'think pink' and be generous!

This year's 'Think Pink' night for the Mustangs is Wednesday, October 16 at 6:00 p.m.

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