Monday, March 4, 2013

Heart Like a Lion

Medal winners
4 from Lyons Mane Star in Colgate Games

By Michael Horowitz
CO-OP CITY, BRONX, NEW YORK, March 4- Four mainstays in the Lyons Mane Track Team emerged with medals in the Colgate Women's Games finals, which were held at the New Balance Track and Field arena in Manhattan.
Lauren Lyons, who has her sights set on a future Olympics berth, emerged in first place in the 200-meter dash, despite a nagging back problem that held her score down in the final round.
Lauren, a vivacious 15-year-old student at Cardinal Spellman High School, compiled a total of 72 points to win the competition in the 200-meter dash and a $1,000 grant for her college education.
Brittany Okon, an 18-year-old student at Bronx Community College, finished first in the 55-meter dash, compiling 68 points in the overall competition for youngsters her age and also winning a $1,000 educational grant.
In the 400-meter dash, Brittany Briggs, a 16-year -old student at the Frederick Douglass Academy High School, accumulated 56 points in the competition for youngsters in her age group, finishing second and winning a $500 educational grant for college.
In the competition for middle-school youngsters, Zuri Straker finished in fourth place in the 55-meter dash, accumulating 40 points in the process.
Donald Lyons, a former track competitor who runs the Lyons Mane Track Club, expressed pride in the accomplishments of the four local youngsters, who won medals in the esteemed Colgate Women's Games competition.
Over the years, Lyons has nurtured the four medal winners, watching them grow in mind, body and spirit.
“I am extremely proud of each of the girls from our club who won medals in this year's Colgate Women's Games competition,” Lyons stressed this week. “The Colgate Women's Games brings together some of the finest female athletes for an extremely spirited competition. I am proud of what all of the youngsters in our group have accomplished in a wide variety of ways.”
To learn more about the Lyons Mane Track Club, contact Donald Lyons at (718) 671-3129.

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